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Swivel Joints and Packing Kits for Hannay Reels

When your Hannay hose reel starts to leak or other parts break down, you need the problem fixed fast to continue working. It may not be time to replace the whole reel unit, but rather a problem with the swivel joints that attach the hose to the reel. Here at BooyaDirect, you can trust us to find the right swivel joint for your problem and help you remedy the problem.

Hannay Swivel Joints are made to stop hoses from bending. Bends in hoses need to be prevented so the flow stays constant and the hose doesn’t rip to possibly release any chemicals into the environment.

Hannay Reels Replacement Swivel Joints

The key to keeping your Hannay reels in good, working order is ongoing maintenance and repair. The right parts make this much easier. Here at Booya, we carry all the parts and accessories you need to keep your reels in good working order - including items such as the Hannay swivel joint.

Built to last, your Hannay hose or cable reel should provide you years of heavy duty use.

If you are replacing the swivel joint, it is important that you choose the right size and model. If you do not get just the right one, the results can be worse than using a loose joint or not replacing it at all.

Choosing the Right Hannay Swivel Joint

There are a number of different sizes and types of Hannay swivel joints. To figure out what size is best for your reel, check your current swivel joint and see if there are any markings or identification in place that shows the model or size. Another solution is to look up your reel by part number and contact us to find the correct swivel joint for your application.

We offer many different Hannay swivel joint sizes ranging from ¼ to 4 inches. We also offer swivel joint packaging, swivel joint parts, and special order swivel joints. You can explore our website to see what size is best fit for your reel.

BooyaDirect is your number one resource for Hannay brand swivel joints for sale as well as other parts and accessories to keep your reel in perfect working order. We have the largest selections of accessories anywhere - online or offline. In addition to the large selection, our customer service makes shopping with us easy! You can shop by part number, search by name or just call and speak with an expert to find the right piece. We want to make the process easy for you.

Just remember, you never have to deal with your swivel joint situation alone. Give us a call or contact us with any questions or concerns. We look forward to working with you!

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