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Hannay Audio Video Reels

For any type of broadcasting, it is necessary to have quick and easy transportation/storage for all the important equipment necessary to put on a successful live event. The Hannay Audio Video Reels Series will be sure to help you stay connected on the move! Hannay has portable and stationary electric cable reels to fit in any communication situation that will allow for quick rollout and storage.

These Hannay reels are designed mainly for broadcast and pro-audio applications, but also are used for mining or military use. This includes production companies, television and radio stations, live events, mobile broadcast units, and cable companies. These reels are used for video inspection, broadcasting, live electric cable, fiber optic cable, and cable storage. They give you a better way to organize, store, and transport all the cables used in any type of broadcast event.

The Hannay Audio Video Reels Series are constructed to last long and require minimal maintenance. There are thousands of standard reels to chose from or you can create your own custom design to give you a lifetime of value. Portable Hannay Audio Video Reels

Hannay’s portable reels make for easy setup and cleanup at any live event with an ergonomic handle design. The storage reels are stackable for easy transport. All of Hannay’s AV and AVX reels meet international standards and designed specifically for your business for proper function and fit. The carrying handles need only one or two people for transportation. The black, non-reflective reels are lightweight, which also allows for easy movement.

Hannay Audio and Video Cable Storage Reels

The cable storage reels are the standard reels that include caster mounting plates. These reels are stackable for maximum transportation because of the frame clips on top of the reels. The reels have side mounted connector panels allowing easy storage and can accommodate almost any combination of XLR and BNC.

Most of these reel models entail a black, non-reflective matte finish. They consist of a rugged steel and aluminum construction throughout and square tubing frame. In addition, they have a removable side panel.

They also have an adjustable cam-lock drag brake. The brake is a molded plastic brake with a cam-lock lever that is extremely adjustable for the desired drag tension to prevent cable or hose overrun. The lock will instantly release with the flip of a lever for drag-free rewind. The rugged steel construction and adjustable friction brake assure smooth operation and prevent cable damage.

Hannay Series AV and AVX Reels

These reels are made specifically for just broadcast and pro-audio applications. They allow stacking to provide ultimate storage and transportation.

Hannay Series AVC Reels

These reels are similar to the AV models but are portable reels. They are smaller and lightweight allowing for easy use with long lengths of cable in big areas.

Hannay Series AVC 1150/AVATC 1250 Reels

These reels are portable storage reels on wheels. They are direct crank rewind reels used for long-term storage and shipping.

Additional Features

Many of these models feature optional heavy-duty, locking caster wheels. The wheel set would include two locking and two non-locking casters to give easy transport on-site. Another addition is an optional pull handle available for AV-2 and AV-3.

Divider discs with a cutout are another option available for the Hannay Series AVD reel. The AVD reels have an additional slotted divider disc within the reel spool. The divider disc gives clear access to both cable connector ends. The divider disc is used to pull off any length of cable and then still be able to use both connectors. This way the users would not have to pull the entire length of cable off the reel before using it.

Here at BooyaDirect we want to help you put together the right solution for your unique needs. Whether you need just a couple of reels or are trying to design a portable warehouse in a truck, we have many models that will work for you.

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