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Hannay SCR700 Series Live Electrical Cable Reels

The Hannay SCR700 Series Live Electrical Cable Reels are spring rewind reels used to handle live electric cable. These reels have a heavy-duty spring motor with a non-sparking ratchet and declutching arbor. The reels have a 3-conductor, 45 amp, and 600 volt collector assembly with #8 gauge writing. The brushes are copper graphite with copper alloy rings and are constructed as double brushes per each circuit.

A 4-way roller assembly is supplied but the user must specify the roller position. A cable stop should be used to provide an accurate stop with any spring rewind reel.

Users may consult the factor for constant tension applications. Other features to ask the factory about include a silver collector, additional conductors, or higher amperage up to 300 amps. In addition, to have a vertical lift, stretch, and/or crane installation ask the factory for proper spring specifications.

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