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Hannay Rescue Reel Accessories

The Hannay Rescue Reels are designed to help in HazMat situations, vehicular extrications, on the scene emergencies, and breathing/utility air applications. With all the rescue reels, there are many accessories that you can choose from to enhance your reel.

The accessories include utility hose rollers, circuit breakers, and speed control accessories.

The utility hose rollers will protect your hose and cable from damage in the field. They are stainless steel rollers and cast alloy mounting blocks to be used on the reel, cabinet door openings, truck platforms, or similar locations where sharp edges may cut or damage hose or cable. They come with 1-½ inches in diameter stainless steel rollers, a stainless steel rod, Delrin bearings plated mounting blocks, and fasteners. To order the hose rollers just give the model number of the specific reel if they are going to be mounted on it. If you want the rollers mounted separately from the reel then give the horizontal and vertical roller lengths desired or the distances desired between the mounting holes. You can also get them factory installed on the reel.

Another accessory are RCB kits or reel-mounted relay/circuit breaker modules. They are compact, weather-resistant kits that consist of a manual reset circuit breaker and a solid state relay to replace the solenoid. RCB kits are made to work with all rescue reel models. If you already have a reel, you can choose to install the kit yourself or call Hannay Reels for stand-alone prices and part numbers. The kits can also be factory installed when ordering reels which will eliminate the need to fabricate and mount a bracket.

The speed control Accessories come in three different models. Model SR-50 is used for economical fixed speed control. It offers a fifty percent reduction in motor rewind speed. It will work on both 12v and 24v motors. You can order using Hannay part number 9917.0082. Model MD-70 is used for variable speed control, which allows the user full control over the motor speed. It works on 12v and 24v motors. You can order using HAnnay part number 9917.0080. Model MD-1225S is used for variable speed control for 12v motors. It also includes a push-button switch, manual reset 25-amp circuit breaker, and relay. You can order using Hannay Part number 9917.0070.

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