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Hannay Vehicle Grounding Reels

Hannay static grounding reels are used to provide a secure means for grounding vehicles and equipment when working near energized lines. They are specifically designed to be used with construction vehicles, utility vehicles, maintenance vehicles, rescue and HAzMat operations.

Hannay Reels designs this series to be especially effortless to use. Just pay out all the cable from the reel and then attach the free end to the ground. The reels are all spring or hand-rewound to allow easy use. They are all made of a heavy-duty steel construction to stand up in the most demanding of conditions in your specific industry.

Hannay Static Grounding Reels Features

One feature of this reel is the quick rewind to get you back in service as soon as possible. Another feature is direct access to lube the rotary ground device.These reels also have a serviceable pawl and pin assembly with an easily greaseable Zerk fitting. They are all independently tested to 43 kA for 30 cycles. They also have a bolt down design that allows reels to be easily removed for installation on new vehicles.

Hannay series SGCR are spring rewind grounding reels.

Hannay guarantees these reels have a fast and convenient automatic spring rewind. These reels are independently tested to 43 kVA for 30 cycles and helps meet OSHA requirements for vehicle grounding. Some features include a ratchet mechanism to lock the reel, a built in cable hoop, and internal rotary device.

Hannay GC Manual Storage Reel Series

These reels are manual reels made for storage use only. They have a manual rewind and hand crank permanently attached to the disc.

Hannay GCR Manual Rewind Grounding Reels Series

These Hannay reels are manual rewind grounding reels. They offer a manual rewind with hand crank permanently attached to the disc. These reels are independently tested to 43 kVA for 30 cycles and helps meet OSHA requirements for vehicle grounding.

For installation this Hannay grounding reel should be mounted in a convenient location away from somewhere that could damage the reel. A bonding cable must be attached to the frame of the vehicle using suitable means.

For proper use inspect the reel before use. Next, payout all cable from the reel with no coils on the reel or the ground between it. Then connect free end of cable to a suitable ground. The clamp jaws and the conductor should be cleaned with a wire brush before attaching it serrated clamps are not being used. Finally, make sure to use an insulated clampstick or rubber gloves when connecting or disconnecting the ground end to a system neutral.

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