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Hannay Static Grounding Reels

Bonding and grounding equipment are key to reducing static electricity while working in a hazardous environment. One of the best things you can use to improve safety in these areas are Hannay Static Grounding Reels. They will help reduce static electricity and the chance a spark will ignite in dangerous spaces. Hannay static grounding reels are a reliable tool to provide you the ultimate safety in working with aircraft refueling, chemical plants, grain elevators, rescue, and/or Hazmat operations.

Hannay Static Grounding Reels

A standard grounding reel will “ground” equipment that is operating in hazardous conditions. Grounding means that the equipment is safely “docked” and electrical flow will not move through the equipment with no control. When a grounding reel is properly attached to the ground as well as to the equipment, any static discharge may be absorbed into the reel and gently dissipated—which reduces the chance of sparks and fires.

The Hannay grounding reels we carry here at Booya are ideal for operating in many hazardous areas. Our reels can bond with aircraft, fuel trucks and certain other types of equipment too. We carry the full hannay product line that offers smooth, gentle operation and dosen’t require heavy cable pulls.

Grounding Reel Features

These reels are made to provide smooth operation with very little cable pull. They are made with a declutching arbor, adjustable guide arm with cable guide, and 100 amp alligator clamp. A stainless steel or plastic-covered cable and “Y” branches are also available at an additional charge.

You will find a number of different options available, including stainless steel grounding reels, and oven-cured enamel models. Most reels are available with an automatic rewind or a manual rewind option. The automatic rewind will make the process of winding the static discharge reel after use faster, but the manual rewind is preferred by some users or in certain hazardous areas where an automatic reel could pose a danger to the user.

The Benefits of a Hannay Static Grounding Reel

You will find that Hannay grounding reels are the most convenient option available—allowing for fast and efficient use, even in less than ideal conditions. With an automatic reel, you will barely have to touch the reel or cable, the job is done for you, saving you time and effort.

Here at Booya, we carry the largest selection of Hannay grounding cable reels. Spend some time browsing our options and find the right one for your workplace. In addition to selection, customer service is another area of focus for us. Your safety and convenience are our top concerns. If you have any questions or comments, do not hesitate to reach out to us. We would love to help you find the right product for your grounding needs.

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