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Hannay GR Series Static Grounding Reels

Among the hundreds of Hannay reel models to choose from, the Hannay GR series static grounding reels are specifically designed for applications requiring electrically grounded performance in otherwise dangerous and challenging situations. Trusted Hannay GR series reels provide the level of safety professionals rely on.

These Hannay reels are great because they bond and/or ground aircraft, fuel trucks, and other equipment. They can provide smooth operation and require minimum cable pull.

These heavy duty static grounding reels are ideal for refueling areas or other electrically sensitive applications such as grain elevators, hazardous chemical plants, and hazmat or other rescue operations.

Hannay GR Series Static Grounding Reels Specifications

An oven cured enamel finish over heavy gauge steel construction provides the static grounding reel and frame with solid rust and corrosion resistant stability. Standard cable is 1/8" 7x19 galvanized carbon steel.

Some features include a secure cable attachment provided by a 100­ amp alligator clamp. Options include plastic wrapped and stainless steel cables and "Y" branch for multiple simultaneous applications. Some models available without cable. Automatic re­winding is performed by a non sparking spring mechanism, and a manual hand crank option is available for initial cost savings.

These static discharge reels come in a range of cable length capacities, from 20 to 75 feet (6 to 23 meters) and are engineered to require a minimum cable pull. The declutching arbor provides smooth and reliable operation in the bonding or grounding of everything from aircraft to fuel trucks, fire­fighting and rescue vehicles, and other equipment used in situations where static discharges must be controlled.

Stainless steel or plastic-covered cable and “Y” branches are available at an additional charge.

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