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Hannay HGR Series Static Grounding Reels

The Hannay HGR Series Static Grounding Reels are useful for refueling or use in hazardous areas. This includes aircraft refueling, chemical plants, grain elevators, rescue and HazMat operations.

These Hannay reels bond and/or ground aircraft, fuel trucks, and other equipment. They will always be sure to provide a smooth operation and need very minimum cable pull.

Some features of the Hannay HGR static grounding reels include a declutching arbor, non-sparking ratchet assembly, 100 amp alligator clamp, and adjustable guide arm with cable guide. A manual rewind version is also available. As well as an optional cable and/or “Y” branch.

The Series HGR is also supplied with 18 inch long grounding strap with eyelet connectors on both ends. The reels are repairable and parts are readily available.

The standard finish is oven-cured enamel. An optional stainless steel construction of spool, frame, and ratchet system is also available on HGR Series.

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