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Hannay Welding Reels

Welders have an abundance of equipment that must be properly cared for and maintained to assure they can continue to provide excellent service to their customers. A number of different reels and spools are critical to welders.

Many fleet operators and railroad shops demand durable, dependable reels to meet the challenges of the industry. At Hannay we provide heavy-duty constructed reels to ensure they outperform and outlast the competition. Our welding reels will increase productivity and ensure a safer workplace environment. Hannay offers many different types with commitment to you every step of the way.

Hannay Welding Reels - Variety of uses

You can depend on Hannay for the widest variety of gas welding and arc reels. Hannay gas welding reels are used for maintenance bay dispensing of grease, oil, water, and antifreeze, hydraulic/pneumatic power tools, service/lubrication hose for heavy construction equipment, electric cable for lights and tools, gas/arc welding, washdown/pressure washing, radiator servicing, vacuum suction, petroleum, DEF fill up, battery charging lines, exhaust hose.

Hannay Welding Lead Reels - Convenience and Flexibility

Our welding lead reel options are flexible because we know that every welder has different needs. Whether you need a setup to hold one or more welding lead spools, we have you covered. Our spools are designed to hold long sections of cable safely. This allows you to handle even the biggest jobs. We also offer flexible installation because the reels can be truck, trailer, garage-mounted, on wheels, or carried by hand.

Hannay Welding Reels - New Innovations

If you have not looked at the welding reels for sale lately, you have missed out on some amazing innovations. Today’s reels are safer, more efficient, take up less space and are overall more convenient than ever before. The innovations offered in welding spools and welding reel designs are incredible. Changing to some of the new Hannay offerings can make an enormous difference in your overall productivity as a welder.

Hannay Welding Cable Reels and Torch Hose Reel

In addition to our standard welding lead reel options, we carry many other reel designs necessary for the day-to-day work habits of welders. A welding cable reel, cutting torch hose reel and other reels can cut down on the effort you put into your work and make the workplace safer. Many of these reels come in multiple sizes—assuring you can find one that fits your welding station to a T.

Hannay Welding Hose Reel and Oxy Acetylene Hose Reel Options for the Welder

One final reel type that a welder may need is a hose reel. However, a standard reel is not designed for the hoses used in welding. Our welding hose reels (including oxygen acetylene hose reels) are designed for use in the welding industry. You will find these reels are the right size and shape for the job, assuring superior performance.

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