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Firefighting Reels

Fighting fires is a big job, such as in the military or dealing with hazardous materials. One of the most important tools is a good fire hose. However, when the fire is out, the hose needs to be put away. That is where a fire hose reel is critical.

The Many Benefits of Fire Hose Reels

  • You will be able to access the hose more quickly. Something that is crucial when fighting fires.
  • When properly stored on a hose reel, water hoses will not kink and will be ready to go when you are.
  • You can quickly roll up the hose when the fire is out. You will not spend valuable time trying to wrap it up by hand.
  • The hose will take up less space when you store it on a reel. This is ideal when space is limited.
  • Storing the hose on a reel is safer. You will not risk tripping over a pile of hose that is taking up space in your fire truck or fire station.
  • With both manual and automatic hose reel options available, fire hose reels can work with nearly every type and size of a fire hose.

Consider a Heavy Duty Water Hose Reel

If you are regularly fighting fires we recommend a heavy duty industrial or commercial water hose reel. Heavy duty reels are designed for long lasting use, time after time. These reels are designed to take a beating. Choose one that can handle it.

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