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Static Grounding Reels

Safety and security is of the utmost importance to you. This is especially true if you deal with fuel or hazardous materials on a regular basis. One of the best tools you’ll find for improving safety in dangerous spaces (like refueling or other hazardous material areas), is a static grounding reel. These reels will help prevent static electricity build up in areas where the discharge of electricity could cause a spark.

Static Grounding Reels are designed to help specifically with aircraft refueling, chemical plants, grain elevators, rescue, and HazMat operations.

Static Grounding Reels

A standard grounding reel will “ground” equipment that is operating in hazardous conditions. Grounding means that the equipment is safely “docked” and electrical flow will not move through the equipment with no control. When a grounding reel is properly attached to the ground as well as to the equipment, any static discharge may be absorbed into the reel and gently dissipated—which reduces the chance of sparks and fires.

The Benefits of a Static Grounding Reel

Clearly, safety is the number one reason for choosing to use a static grounding reel. However, there are other grounding options too. You will find that grounding reels are the most convenient option available—allowing for fast and efficient use, even in less than ideal conditions. With an automatic reel, you will barely have to touch the reel or cable, the job is done for you, saving you time and effort.

Construction of Static Grounding Reels

These reels not only bond aircraft and fuel trucks but also can be used in grounding for other equipment. They can be sure to provide smooth operation with little cable pull.

They are constructed with an oven-cured enamel finish but an optional stainless steel construction is also available. Some additional features include a declutching arbor and adjustable guide arm with cable arm. A manual rewind version is also available if the user specifies.

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